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Saint Augustine’s University now offers more flexibility for you to continue your studies with our 8-week session.




There’s still time to Register for the 8-Week session!

Starts October 2, 2023!

Continuing Students

All new students must be admitted and are required to meet with their Academic Advisors. To schedule an appointment, email the Advisement Department at Continuing Students, login into your Student Portal or contact your major advisor for assistance with your fall courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 8-week session?

SAU’s 8-week sessions allow greater flexibility for students to take courses in a shorter time frame, similar to the summer sessions.

2. Sessions offered?

8-Week session (Eight Week-Second Session: 10/2/23 – 11/14/23

3. Who can enroll in an 8 – week session?

All students are welcome to enroll in an eight-week session, but it is ideal for part-time students who desire shorter sessions or new and continuing students who miss registration for the 16-week session before classes begin. Please note that there will be limited course offerings and some financial aid limitations, students are highly encouraged to speak with an advisor to see if the eight-week sessions are the best option for them.

4. How do I register for these classes?

Registration for the 8-week session is now available for enrollment. New students must be admitted before registering and will be required to attend an orientation session. Continuing students can register via the Student Portal. Visit for tutorials on the registration process.

5. What type of courses will be offered?

The eight-week session offers the following academic areas. Click here to see the full course offering.


8-Week Session Courses

6. How many credits can students take?

In each session, students can take a maximum of 12 credits/hours. Students on Probation will be restricted to a maximum of 13 credits. Students who have a 3.5+ cumulative GPA can request an additional 3 credits/hours by emailing the Registrar’s Office at

7. What if a student has a W for a course taken in a 16-week or 8-week session? Can they retake the course in an 8-week session?

Yes, a student can retake the course in an 8-week session if offered, but the student must contact the Registrar’s Office via email at as the student will not be able to self-register for the course.